Saturday, February 9, 2013

Painting For the Next Show

Well, here we are again...its been too long between posts in my opinion, and no more excuses!

Here are some pics I took today. Disregard the "2012" signature on some, as I have not got around to doing my new digital signature for 2013!

All the above photos are available for purchase as cards or prints. We can now print ourselves using our new professional Epson printer that takes up to size 13" x 19" sized paper! We only use archival Epson inks and paper products. Contact me for more details. I will be adding these to our custom print page on our website shortly. That way you can just click on the print you want and purchase it direct through Paypal!
You can even order Giclee's (Click Here for an example) and matted/framed prints mailed directly to you!

I am working on one of my painting submissions for the "Paint Ontario" show coming up in March! (See Upcoming Events Page).

I have decided on the other two submissions, which have already been painted, so that takes a bit of the pressure off! They do, however, have to be submitted this coming week as I may be away for the last week in February, which runs into the deadline for this show's entries. The reason I say "may" is that I may go with my husband on a haul to Alberta, but if my "bird sitter" is not well enough to take care of my brood of birds, then I will stay home. I don't mind if I do have to stay home, as my Lineolated Parakeets just kicked 4 chicks out of the nest and are already sitting on eggs due to hatch in a couple weeks. This is a delicate time for the new chicks. They need to get eating on their own and the youngest one still is a bit shy of flying...due to the fact that he/she doesn't have their full feather yet.

I just don't want anything to disturb the process as Linnies are known for being hyper sensitive to change, and even having someone new take care of them, could make them go off the nest.

The new babes, about 7 weeks old now.

Linnie babies like to play and climb all over the cage. They prefer to climb, than to fly!
I heard a rumor that winter is on its way out...but don't say it out loud! He might just hear you and decide to stick around longer! : (

Thanks for stopping by!

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