Friday, October 5, 2012

Waking up to Color

Old Maple tree on the family farm

Doesn't is seem like the trees change colours so quickly? I remember last year that the trees' leaves had barely begun to change when they all dropped to the ground. This year is different. The colors are spectacular around here. I was having breakfast, looking out my kitchen window on a dull and dreary morning when suddenly, the sun peaked out from behind the grey cloudy skies and lit up the tops of the trees. I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera, tripod and disc and got outside to the hillside as soon as possible. As I took the lens cap off...yup, you guessed it; the sun disappeared again! I looked up at the cloud-covered sky to see if there could be a possibility of more sunshine poking through...but it did not look promising. Being an optimist, I waited. I noticed that the wind was blowing quite strongly, so maybe those clouds might separate and open up a whole for the sun to reveal itself through once again. It made many attempts, but did not fully reveal itself again...but I did click off a few pics anyways. Here are a few of them;

View from my Kitchen window this morning

Looking out towards the west

Geraniums in October

Lavendar blooms in October

As an artist and especially as a photographer, we must always be ready to capture those special moments. Yes...the sun will come out again, but maybe not before this year's autumn leaves hit the ground! Seize the moment!

Quote of the Day

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


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